Inspired by this thread on the MiceChat forum, By Frogberto, I decided to do some HDR photography of my own. We went on vacation to Walt Disney World in July 2007. I saw that as a perfect opportunity to try taking some photos that I could use to make HDR images.

I used a FujiFilm s602 to take the photos. I used the Auto Bracketing mode to get three images with a lighter than normal exposure, a normal exposure and a darker than normal exposure with one press of the shutter. I used a setting the auto bracketing setting of +- 1 EV (plus or minus 1 Exposure Value). I set the shot up for what I believed was the best exposure, put the camera on a tripod (well, I used a GorillaPod SLR Zoom), set the self timer for 2 seconds (so I would not bump the camera and cause a blur), pushed the shutter button and let the camera take care of the rest.

The first three photos are the unretouched photos from the shot, as they came out of the camera. The next three are my attempts to use the Photomatix Pro software to capture, adjust and output the results. I found a good tutorial on using Photomatix at: Stuck In Customs. I downloaded the trial version of Photomatix Pro from HDR Software. I am using the trial version, that is why there is a watermark on the HDR images (I plan to register the software, I think it is great!).

update: I have since registered the Photomatix Pro software (Because it is great!). If you check it out, be sure to go to the Stuck In Customs site and get the discount code there.

I hope this inspires some others to also express their artistic side and experiment with HDR photography.


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