Disneyland Infared gallery

This is the second installment in my "Fun With Near Infared" Projects.

This time not all the photos are from Disneyland, well one is from Maui, so 11 out of 12 are form Disneyland.

The Camera: Fuji FinePix S602

The filter: Hoya Infared R72

Just in case you don't want to read all the details, you may
go onto the Disneyland Infared gallery now.

The Step by step is:

1. Take 2 photos, one with the Hoya R72 to get the Infared effects, and one of the same scene without the filter to get the color.

The rest is all done in Photoshop

2. Referencing the
Digital Infared Photography Made Easy tutorial, change the color of the Near Infared photo from the sepia like apperance to a black and white appearance.

3. Mask the sky to replace the sky in the IR photo with a color version of the sky taken of the same image.

4. Mask the water (or other element) in the color photo and the IR photo to put the color in the IR portion of the photo.

5. In Photoshop, use color manipulation (Color Balance) and Hue/Saturation manipulation to get the desired colors. I did this seperately for the sky and the water so I could wind up with the color that looked pleasing to me.

6. Finally I did a Gauusian Blur to the "sky" and "water" features seperatley to get the blur effect I wanted.

I hope this little tutorial inspires someone else to persue something artistc, I find art pleasing and relaxing, I hope you may also.

To the Disneyland Infared gallery

Resources and info:

The gallery that inspired me to do this gallery was done by Jeffrey Klassen, his gallery is located at:

Jeffery seems to be a very nice and helpful person who likes to teach folks to improve their art and photography. Thanks - Jeff. When I was learning how to apply his technique, I had several email exchanges to ask questions, he also published a step-by-step of his workflow at:

Near Infared Photography resources on the WWW.

While researching for this photo project and while doing the project I found these Near Infared resources useful:

Digital Infared Photography Made Easy

Digital Infared Photography

Near Infrared Digital Photography: A Tutorial

There are lots of other resources, but, these are the ones I liked best.

I got the Hoya R72 at
The Filter Connection, They seem to have good prices, good stock and ship reliably. So far I've bought several filters and a filter adapter from them and found them to be nice folks.

If decide this looks like fun, and if you are using a digal camera, you might want to test your camera to make sure it will capture Infared light (no point in buying the filter if your camera won't capture infared). You can use the "TV remote test" found at
Digital Infared Photography Made Easy.

Photoshop Reference:

If you want to learn more about Photoshop, I highly recommend the tutorials by Alex Lindsey and others at DV Garage at:
http://www.dvgarage.com/ They have some really good tutuorials there, they are Quicktime videos, some very long, but you can watch what you want or need at the time. I have several turotials from them, I recommend the "Photoshop Basics Vol. 1" set for general info on using Photoshop and the "Photoshp Basics Vol 2 - Image Extraction". Volume 2 goes into several techniques for extraction and masking and that is what I referred back to to do this project.

Have a great time with your photography, and your art! Of course, have a great time at Disneyland!



Disneyland Infared gallery