Disneyland Infared gallery

I went to Disneyland a little while ago, and I decided to see what my new Infared filter would do.

The Camera: Fuji FinePix S602

The filter: Hoya Infared R72

Just in case you don't want to read all the details, you may
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I got the Hoya R72 at The Filter Connection, They seem to have good prices, good stock and ship reliably. So far I've bought several filters and a filter adapter from them and found them to be nice folks.

If decide this looks like fun, and if you are using a digal camera, you might want to test your camera to make sure it will capture Infared light (no point in buying the filter if your camera won't capture infared). You can use the "TV remote test" found at
Digital Infared Photography Made Easy.

I've always been curious about Near Infared photography, looked like fun, so I decided to combine my Near Infared experiment With my favorite place to photograph, Disneyland.

The photo gallery has a total of 48 images, 4 for each subject.

  • The first is a standard color photo of the subject.
  • The second is a photo using the Hoya R72 filter.
  • The third is a manipulated photo to make it "look" more like what many of us think of as Infared.
  • The fourth is a manipulation of the color shot and the third image to make it look like a watercolor colorized version.

For the first two images there was no photo manipulation, no color correction, straight out of the camera, just resized to approximately 800 x 600 pixels and optimized for web delivery.

One thing I learned. When taking photos using a Near Infared filter, it requires a much longer than normal exposure time, and people and park attractions don't stand still, so that can be noticed, but not distracting in the photos.

The tutorial,
Digital Infared Photography Made Easy is what I followed to get the desired effects) on the third and fourth images.

To the Disneyland Infared gallery

Near Infared Photography resources on the WWW.

While researching for this photo project and while doing the project I found these Near Infared resources useful:

Digital Infared Photography Made Easy

Digital Infared Photography

Near Infrared Digital Photography: A Tutorial

There are lots of other resources, but, these are the ones I liked best.

Disneyland Infared gallery